Gongyi Zhengtai Machinery Factory 

Gongyi Zhengtai Machinery Factory is a professional hollow brick machine manufacturer who has more then 10 years
experience in the hollow brick machine production. And nowadays it has become a leading company specialized
in vacuum brick machine research and production.

The machines produced by Zhengtai has found a ready market at home, which has developed into complete
equipments including two-stage vacuum-extruder, auto strip cutter, auto adobe brick cutter, auto setting machine,
drum-type adobe brick cutter, vertical strip/adobe cutter, pneumatic double shaft mixer,box feeder,two-stage crusher,
hydraulic ferry pusher, adobe separator,energy-saving electric shovel and electric kiln car,etc.

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 Add: Shi Hui Wu Industrial District (1,000 m to the east of north bus terminal), Gongyi, Henan Province, China

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