Brick Setting Machine

brick setting machine

Product description:

Our ZMP series Automatic setting machine which used the advanced full set of Siemens electric control system, clip the brick through lifting horizontal moving and veering. The machine has a high automation, high stability and low energy consumption.


Production: stacking ability :408 pcs/time ,setting cycle 40-80 seconds
Equipment total power: 19.5 KW (work normally when the energy consumption is about 40-70% of the total power)


(1)Energy Saving: The power consumption Equivalent of a quarter of the hydraulic setting electrical consumption. If use our equipment, you can save power cost 200,000RMB.
(2)Reduce the use of manpower:It can save labor cost 500,000RMB every year
(3)High yield and high sintering speed
(4)Small occupation space

ZMP series setting machine adapt to a variety of kiln type:

Setting machine type

Kiln type
ZMP250 2.5 meter
ZMP330 3.3 meter
ZMP370 3.7 meter
ZMP460 4.6 meter

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