Brick Making Machine JZK55

clay brick machine


 Description of Double Stage Brick Machine JZK55:
Our factory is specialized in the field of full set machinery of automatic brick making machine.After 20 year's development,our factory has a contingent of top-north researcher,and advanced manufacturing technology,perfect detection means,and a complete quality assurance system. According to the inferior soil, coal gangue, shale,fly ash and other waste residue. the technists design energy-efficient vacuum extruder,automatic strip and brick cutter,full-auto setting machine,double-stage crusher,electric excavator, green brick delivery trolley, unloading trolley,etc.

The double stage brick machine is suitable for the production of soilid brick and hollow brick of large size section and multihole.It applies to a variety of raw materials,such as coal gangue, shale, clay and fly ash.It has a novel structure,and the advantage of advanced technology, easy maintaince, and high extrusion pressure, yield, and vacuum degree.It adopts pneumatic clutch to control.It's sensitive, convenient, and reliable.


Data  Sheet of Double Stage Brick Machine JZK55: 

14,000-20,000pcs/h(China standard size)
Reamer Diameter
Maximum Extrusion Pressure
Vaccum Degree


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